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Self-help books are books written with the stated intention to instruct any readers on a number of personal problems. They take their name from Self-Help, the Victorian best-seller, but are also known and classified under “self-improvement”, a term that is a modernized version of self-help. They moved from a niche position to being a postmodern cultural phenomenon in the late twentieth century - a period marked out by ‘the burgeoning literatures of self-improvement…that expanded dramtically in the last quarter of the twentieth century, particularly in its final decade’.

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Tags: Key  Mood  Ourselves  Understanding 

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Mood: The Key to Understanding Ourselves and Others - Patrick M. Burke

Seeds: 39
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 879
File Size: 4.73 MBs

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Tags: Wisdom 

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A Message for an Age of Anxiety - Alan W. Watts

Seeds: 94
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 515
File Size: 173.99 KBs

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Simply Brilliant - 1800 Success Tips and Life Lessons from America's Top Personal and Business Coaches - Thomas J. Leonard

Seeds: 33
Peers: 8
Completed Downloads: 172
File Size: 878.35 KBs

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Tags: Apple  assange  bill  buffet  Business  churchil  Collection  cosby  Disney  dostoevesky  funny  George  Gita  Google  Great  hemingway  Huge  hugo  Inspirational  Jobs  Laughter  lenin  Mark  Marx  marylin  Most  movie  Music  Novel  Professional  roger  speech  stalin  Success  teresa  tolstoy  twain  victor 

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The Great Book Of Best Quotes Of All Time. - Abhi Sharma

Seeds: 78
Peers: 10
Completed Downloads: 922
File Size: 42.76 MBs

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Tags: 10 Mindful Minutes: Giving Our Children--and OurselvesS  Anxiety  Emotional  Healthier  Lives  Stress 

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Giving Our Children--and Ourselves--the Social and Emotional Skills to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for Healthier, Happy Lives  - Goldie Hawn,Wendy Holden

Seeds: 41
Peers: 10
Completed Downloads: 390
File Size: 246.9 KBs

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