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Tags: abuse  Democracy  eco. enviro  occupy  Resistance 

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How Shall I Live My Life On Liberating the Earth from Civilization - Derrick Jensen

Seeds: 93
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 868
File Size: 4.99 MBs

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Tags: capitalism  communism  community  Democracy  Exploitation  India  occupy  socialism 

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 Field Notes on Democracy Listening to Grasshoppers  - Arundhati Roy

Seeds: 97
Peers: 7
Completed Downloads: 632
File Size: 6.12 MBs

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Tags: oligarchs. Stalin. communism  Russia  Soviet union 

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The Last Man in Russia The Struggle to Save a Dying Nation  - Oliver Bullough

Seeds: 74
Peers: 2
Completed Downloads: 459
File Size: 365.79 KBs

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Tags: 1959  America  capitalism  che guevaramFidel Castro  Cold War  Corruption  cuba  Granma  imperialism  Left  Revolution  usa 

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One Day in December Celia Sánchez and the Cuban Revolution  - Nancy Stout, Alice Walker

Seeds: 75
Peers: 0
Completed Downloads: 854
File Size: 2.44 MBs

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Tags: anarchy  Gandhi  mandela  mlk  non-violence  Poetry  thoreau 

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Masks Of Anarchy The History Of A Radical Poem, From Percy Shelley To The Triangle Factory Fire - Michael Demson, Summer Mcclinton

Seeds: 60
Peers: 8
Completed Downloads: 324
File Size: 24.39 MBs

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