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Tags: amazon:1931769249  google:ZyplxzrS2LYC  isbn:9781931769242 

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Effective Memory Usage - Kris Kaspersky

Seeds: 47
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 647
File Size: 22.37 MBs

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Theories, Methods, and Technologies - Shane Dawson

Seeds: 87
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 932
File Size: 24.08 MBs

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Tags: 1800's  19th century  capitalism  industrialization  industry  jistory 

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Liberty's Dawn_ A People's History of the Industrial Revolution  - Emma Griffin

Seeds: 72
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 988
File Size: 4.17 MBs

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Tags: 12 Lessons  Brain  Daniel 

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The Brain in Love: 12 Lessons to Enhance Your Love Life - Daniel G. Amen M.D.

Seeds: 98
Peers: 6
Completed Downloads: 562
File Size: 2.03 MBs

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Tags: anti-slavery  Freedom  rebellion  Slavery 

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The Empire of Necessity_ Slavery, Freedom, and Deception in the New World  - Greg Grandin

Seeds: 30
Peers: 2
Completed Downloads: 270
File Size: 2.07 MBs

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