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Tags: climate change  eco  Economics  Economy  enviro  Environment  global warming  Green 

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What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism  - Fred Magdoff, John Bellamy Foster

Seeds: 87
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Completed Downloads: 598
File Size: 633.41 KBs

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Tags: Cathedral of Christ the Savior  non-violence  protest  punk  PUSSY RIOT  Rebel  Russia 

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Words Will Break Cement_ The Passion of Pussy Riot - - Masha Gessen

Seeds: 54
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File Size: 531.91 KBs

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Tags: Debt  Economics  Exploitation  Money  occupy  resist 

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Strike Debt-The Debt Resisters' Operations Manual   - Strike Debt

Seeds: 41
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Completed Downloads: 243
File Size: 1.14 MBs

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Tags: afican  America  Black  civil rights  oppression  racism  segregation  Slavery  usa 

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The Civil Rights Movement_ Revised Edition - Bruce J. Dierenfield

Seeds: 27
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Completed Downloads: 765
File Size: 17.13 MBs

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Tags: anarchy  climate change  collapse  Democracy  Economics  Economy  global warming  Green  Politics 

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Decline and Fall_ The End of Empire and the Future of Democracy in 21st Century America  - John Michael Greer

Seeds: 13
Peers: 1
Completed Downloads: 366
File Size: 464.36 KBs

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