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Shared by:Abee

His Legacy in Science, Art, and Modern Culture - Peter L. Galison & Others

Seeds: 31
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 148
File Size: 2.86 MBs

E book under: Political Ebook 
Tags: election  India  minister  modi  prime 

Shared by:Abee

Modi, Muslims and Media - Madhu Purnima Kishwar

Seeds: 56
Peers: 7
Completed Downloads: 880
File Size: 12.5 MBs

E book under: Nonfiction Ebooks 
Tags: Agriculture  animal rights  animal welfare  cattle  cow  cruelty  factory farm  fda  food safety  hsus  Humane  PETA  slaughterhouse 

Shared by:AnimalFreedom

Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight - Timothy Pachirat

Seeds: 35
Peers: 10
Completed Downloads: 792
File Size: 2.8 MBs

E book under: Nonfiction Ebooks 
Tags: climate change  Crisis  Earth  eco  Energy  Environment  fertility  global warming  Oil  Population  Renewable  Sustainable 

Shared by:Tybie

Countdown Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth - Alan Weisman

Seeds: 32
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 619
File Size: 17.34 MBs

E book under: Nonfiction Ebooks 
Tags: Aboriginal  Indian  Indigenous  Native  Native American resistance  Native rights  North America 

Shared by:Tybie

A Curious Account of Native People in North America  - Thomas King

Seeds: 58
Peers: 7
Completed Downloads: 185
File Size: 2.25 MBs

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